KN SecureChain is the secure, pan-European solution for the transportation of valuable and/or sensitive products from single pallets to full truckloads (LTL to FTL). With our experienced team of highly trained experts, secure locations, strict operational processes and specific business contingency plans, we provide the highest standards to meet your supply chain needs. This way we ensure that your products arrive at their destination – in perfect condition.

KN SecureChain services

  • Flexible, door-to-door delivery throughout Europe
  • Reliable lead times from pick-up to delivery, based on specific requirements (one and two driver concept)
  • From single pallets to full truckloads (LTL to FTL)
  • Shipment visibility via best-in-class track-and-trace system (KN Login) across all transport modes
  • Highly experienced teams with continuous process improvement mentality
  • Claims prevention programme to reduce exposure to risk and to minimise damage and loss
  • Performance excellence through centralised performance monitoring and proactive investigations

Your KN SecureChain benefits

  • Less exposure to operational risks through security-standard compliant handling
  • Performance excellence through proactive investigation
  • Enhanced visibility and traceability, proactive intervention and risk reduction
  • Adaptable services to ensure optimal solutions

Value-added services on request

  • Pre-advice service so the consignee can schedule availability for delivery
  • Delivery at a specific time
  • Reverse logistics
  • Double manned trucks (two driver concept) to increase security and to reduce lead times
  • Route control systems and geofencing
  • Real-time status based on trailer telematics
  • Customer-specific performance reporting via KN Login
  • Order/shipment visibility on serial number level
  • Security escorts
  • 24/7 truck and trailer monitoring
  • Peak planning to avoid deterioration in service and security levels
  • Launch management of high-tech products
  • White glove/installation services

Highest Quality Performance

  • End-to-end monitoring of shipments by competence centres
  • Dedicated team of well-trained experts
  • Proactive exception and incident management
  • KN SecureChain standard operating procedures and defined service level agreements
  • Lean Six Sigma process improvement programme

Innovative and rigorous security measures

  • Claims prevention programme
  • Closely managed carrier base
  • Fleet of high-quality road vehicles
  • Cross docking in accredited secure locations including full CCTV surveillance
  • Lane risk assessment and secure parking programme

Visibility and monitoring with KN Login

  • KPI reporting
  • Exception monitoring and alerts